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Hello there,
I have a situation trying to export/import a design pack. In a few words, I have a test homepage, I’ve made some modifications with microthemer, the design pack was exported. After importing the design pack on a cloned home page, some settings are not actually applied. I’ve checked the css, the settings are there. I also upload the custom css manually using a custom css loader on the page, the same result . Could be a reason the fact that the unloaded settings are aplied on a animated headline ? (color, font type, etc.)

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LE: or could be the fact that the pages have different permalink id’s ?



I’m really sorry I haven’t replied to this question yet. It completely slipped through the net. My feed reader didn’t pick it up for some reason.

You may be right about the page id. When initially targeting elements in Microthemer, it’s very often a good idea to have the advanced options expanded and then drag the targeting slider down. Microthemer always suggests the most ‘specific’ CSS selector it can by default. But this can often target page-specific HTML, like page IDs in your case. A good rule of thumb is to drag the slider down as far as you can while the highlighting still looks correct.

Have you had any joy with the 403 issue you were having?



Hello there,
Don’t bother, in a few words : I ‘ve searched high and low all over the internet the 404 Forbidden error and I’ve found that It’s not an uncommon problem. In most situations it looks like the answer will be found asking the host admin to check the mod_security rules on the server. In my case this stage was passed but there are still some unknown behaviors related to the server content (imposibillity to redefine the www folder permission from 777 to 755 , etc).

More than that, the host admin told me that The error was caused by the bruteforce security rule being triggered and also ask me about using the correct username/password to login . That makes me think about my recent swapping domains procedure (I had an old primary domain that become secondary and my actual primary in a new one ) and I decide to kindly ask the admin to shave the host partition in order to install WP and all the plugins one by one from scratch. Having this opportunity I’ll exclude any server cause in the future If I’ll experienced any 404 error, looking forward to find an answer inside the WP / plugins area.

As soon as I’ll begin making tests on the fresh WP with microthemer installed, I’ll come back with details .
Thank you for your interest.
Kind regards,

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