Difference With Appearance Between Logged In and Logged Off [RESOLVED]


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I’m currently building my website using Safari. The site looks great on Safari and gives me no issues. However, the problem that I’m running into is when I use any other browser (which my users will likely be using an array of other browsers), my site appears differently if I’m logged in and logged off. It’s almost as if on other browsers, the changes that I make via Microthemer are only showing up after you’ve been logged into the site. If that sounds confusing, here’s an example:

Let’s say I edit the website and make the background green. For some reason the green background will only show up as long as you are logged into my website. The second you log out, it goes back to original background color that was made when I first started building the website a few months ago.

This problem has only occurred recently in the last few days. Perhaps it’s been longer but I only noticed it today. It never did this before and the reason why I know that is because the logged out page looks exactly how I ORGINALLY had my site looking, but for some reason all of the edits I make of recent show up when you’re logged into the website. For some reason, however, Safari isn’t having this issue at all and displays the same whether I’m logged in or logged out and reflects all changes that I make. That’s what seems so strange for me.

Here’s the website link: TheHauntCritic.com

Feel free to create a login so you can see what I mean.

Any help solving this would be tremendously helpful!

Thank you so much!


Hi Corey,

This sounds very much like a caching plugin issue (W3 Total Cache or something similar). Caching plugins tend not to show the cached (and potentially out of date) version of pages to logged in users. Where as logged out users do see the cached (and potentially out of date) pages.

When using Microthemer with a caching plugin you need to empty the cache once you’ve made some style changes. In W3 Total cache you can go to the Performance > Dashboard page and click the ‘Clear all caches’ button. If you’re using a different caching plugin the process might be a bit different.

Caching plugins are great for speeding up a website – but they do often cause a lot of confusion of this type (myself included).

If you don’t have any caching enabled, or you can’t fix the issue by following my suggestion, please send me login details for your site via this secure contact form and I will investigate things further for you: https://themeover.com/support/contact/




That seemed to fix the problem on Firefox! Thank you a ton! However there’s still a few things are Chrome that aren’t updating. Nothing detrimental but enough to be slightly annoying haha any clue why it would fix on some browsers and not others?


Actually, disregard! I think it just took a while longer for the information to get to the Chrome browser. Everything seems to be working on all sites. Thank you so much for your help!


Excellent. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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