Does a temporary dev site install count as a licence?


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Just purchased the 3 licence package. if I install microthemer on a dev site with a temporary address, will it count as one licence. in other words, will it require another licence once the site is hosted on the permanent address? If so is there a way around this because I really need them for my two other websites. Thanks


Hi Charles,

Thanks for getting in touch. Domains that start with http://localhost don’t count towards your quota. But any other kind of domain does. So you may need to upgrade to a developer license which allows you to use Microthemer on an unlimited number of domains.

The standard license could only grant usage on a single domain. However, it permits 3 domains so that users have some wiggle room. But the idea is that customers who would like to use Microthemer on multiple sites purchase the dev version.

If you need further assistance with anything please let me know.


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