Draft Mode is saving changes when logged out

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Hi, changes I make are being saved when I’m working in draft mode. I have to go back in and restore a revision. Could this be cache related? I’ve not changed anything and this never used to happen. Thanks, Diane


Hi Diane,

Sorry for the trouble. Just to be clear, this is what should happen when draft mode is enabled:

The changes should only be visible to you as a logged in user (or anyone else logging in as you). The changes will be visible to you even outside of Microthemer, e.g. when viewing the site directly. However, they should not be visible to anyone who views the site when they are not logged in as you.

To test this, you could access the site using a different browser to see if the changes you made in draft mode are showing up when they shouldn’t. If this is happening, please could you send me access details to your site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot?

Many thanks,


Thanks Sebastian. I’ll have to check that. It’s something that only started happening recently – even when I was logged in, if I exited MT then changes I’d made would disappear as soon as I exited (but was still logged in). I’ll have to test it. Thanks

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