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I have the following selector in MT:

ul.menu li

This is for the left sidebar menu. It appears I have the right selector. Any changes to font size, weight, italics applies correctly. But I need to change the link color, and the color I set in MT for that selector is having no effect. The other MT CSS options are, but link color is not.

It appears I need the selector with the a in it for the link, but I can’t find in MT or firebug. I can easily find the a selector or an individual menu item (which is why the first item in that menu is blue), but I can’t find the selector to make all links in sidebars blue. That is really want I want to do.

Can you assist?


Hi, robertlo,

You could try the following as three separate selectors:

1. Passive links:

.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a,
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a:link,
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a:visited

2. Hovered links:
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a:hover

3. Active links:

.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a:active,
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a.active,
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li.current-menu-item > a.active

The pointy brackets just mean to target the immediate element so if you add sub-menus these rules won’t apply to them.


Oops – 3. Active Links:

.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a:active, 
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li > a.active, 
.gdlr-sidebar ul.menu > li.current-menu-item > a

Class active shouldn’t be on the last a element.




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