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Aligning content in bootstrap css columns middle or bottom 2 9
How to add a color overlay to a background image in MT GUI 2 7
Specific type of parallax effect 1 1
Slow down hover effect [smoother transition on hover] 2 5
How to set border inner radius [contained elements to have curved corners too] 2 6
CSS works in custom CSS, but not in Microthemer 2 4
Microthemer target and editing GUI stopped working [worked fine until now] 2 11
updated way to keep css after deleting Microthemer 2 5
centering content in a div vertically 2 5
Content in Behavior [what does it mean?] 2 2
Right aligned buttons [not as expected on mobile screens] 2 3
setting class to overflow and scroll [on specific module] 2 7
How to start over with Microthemer on a site 2 3
MT css empty on backend but showing on front end 2 4
Z Index for popup not working [mega-menu covers it] 2 3
Cloning MT settings onto a cloned site 2 5
Centering header elements 2 2
Mobile only content not showing 2 5
MT not working in cloned site from WMPU Dev Cloner plugin [RESOLVED] 2 4
MT seems to slow sites down 2 6
MT screen refresh not working and highlighting not working 2 7
Styling Icons (perhaps with Font Awesome) 3 17
MT changes not saving [RESOLVED – host was blocking] 2 11
Media query dimensions for retina ready high resolution displays 2 8
Defered parsing of javascript breaking MT 2 3