Right aligned buttons [not as expected on mobile screens]

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I am recreating this site. I used MT to css the button text, as you can see on It is aligned right, but on the source site, you’ll see on mobile that the button goes above the paragraph.

With what I’ve made using MT, since it’s right aligned, there on mobile there is still one word to the left of the button instead of it being centered above the paragraph.

How can I do this without creating a mobile only button that is just centered above the paragraph? I know there has to be a better way.



Hi Rob,

You have set a general style of float:right on the All Devices tab. And so you need to set float to none of the Phone tab. You might also want to give the button a bottom margin for phones. I gathered this information from inspecting your site with Chrome’s inspector:

remove float on mobile



awesome support as always. It’s looking good now. And I learned something new.

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