Cloning MT settings onto a cloned site

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robertlo is part of a multisite. I manually extracted it from the multisite and placed it into a standalong site at

Everything is working as normal, except none of my MT css from the original site copied over to I went into MT in and there is nothing there.

So how can I export all the css from and import it into ?

Hoping there’s an easy fix for this, because I did a ton of customizations in MT that I need on the new cloned site.



Hey Rob,

Yes, this should be straight forward. You just need to export your MT settings on the multisite install. Then download the exported settings as a zip file. Finally, install/import the zip file on the new site.

See instructions here:



Ah. I see what I was missing. I was only clicking the export icon, which doesn’t save the export as a zip. I had to click the top level icon there (above the import and export icons) to access the screen where I can actually download the export into zip file.

But I did and now it’s working perfectly. This is going to be very useful, as I am splitting my multisite into separate stand alone sites.

But perhaps you should add a support article with more specific details on how to actually export MT settings into a zip. The article you sent me didn’t actually say that, unless I missed it somewhere, but I don’t think it did.

Thanks again for the great support and the great product!


Agreed. I’ll create a ‘Copying Microthemer customisations to another site’ tutorial. I’m glad you got there in the end!


Sounds good! and yes I figured it out.

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