updated way to keep css after deleting Microthemer

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I currently have this in functions.php:

/* Manually add Microthemer stylesheet */

function add_microthemer_css() {

wp_register_style( ‘microthemer’, WP_CONTENT_URL . ‘/micro-themes/active-styles.css’);



add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘add_microthemer_css’);

Is there an updated way to do this currently, and will this work if MT is completely deleted, or only if it’s deactivated, but still installed?


Hi Robert,

Yes there is new code for including Microthemer’s stylesheet after disabling or completely deleting Microthemer. Go to the Preferences page in Microthemer, and then copy and paste the code displayed on the ‘Inactive’ tab of the preferences.

The latest code also loads any Google fonts stylesheets that may be necessary. And uses the minified stylesheet if you’ve enabled CSS minification on the preferences.



OK thanks. Will update that code. And as an extra safety precaution, I was going to export the design pack, but the export button wasn’t doing anything. Any ideas why that Export button isn’t working?


Ah, thanks for pointing that out Robert!

The update I released earlier today introduced a problem with the Export button. I’ve just released version which addresses that.



awesome. You’re on it!

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