MT css empty on backend but showing on front end


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Sebastian….now this one may be beyond what you can help with, but it’s related to MT so I thought I’d run it by you.


That site is hosted at SiteGround and it was having some problems. I contacted their support, and they did something that seemed to solve some of the problems, but I noticed that it also made some of the css I made in MT not show on the front end….specifically a font style I selected in MT.

But the rest of the MT css I made appears to be rendering correctly on the front end.

So then I logged into the site and went to MT. I was surprised to find that none of the CSS I made in MT was there. All of the folders were empty….but like I said, all of the CSS I made except of that particular page title font is still rendering on the front end.

I could just import the MT settings from where I imported them from the first time around, but that will require a little tweaking again. So do you have any idea what may have happened? Is there a way I can restore the folders in MT?

The host is only offering to restore the to the way it was before they made their changes, but they don’t know that they did that could have caused this.

Some I’m hoping you can help… 🙂


Since this site’s MT settings was imported, I just reimported it again and everything is back to normal. No problems. Still not sure what happened in the first place to mess it y up.


Hi Robert,

I’m glad you found an acceptable solution. Not knowing exactly what the host, I wouldn’t have been able to offer many useful guesses anyway.



I didn’t think you would. I was just wondering if you’d seen that happen before, but I fixed it either way.

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