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I’ve installed an extra font into my windows font folder. Microthemer is not picking it up when I create a new css style and change the font. Are there any extra steps I would take? OR is this a wordpress thing in General?

Many Thanks



Hi Paul,

Web applications like Microthemer don’t have access to fonts installed on your computer for security reasons. If you would like to use a custom font (not one offered by Google) you may be able to find it in a web-compatible form on font squirrel: Note, you will need to manually include the font-squirrel font without the help of Microthemer, and this will require some technical knowledge/learning.

If you can be a bit flexible with which font you use, the simplest thing would be to use Microthemer’s built in Google Fonts. Choose “Google Font…” from the font-family dropdown menu (the first item), then browse a font you like and then click the “Use this font” link to apply it on the page.

If you need any further assistance please let me know.


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