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I have a question…
I have a background with an image loaded and I would like that the form on the top and also the button has the opacity grade in order to see the background pic.
Can I do it with Microthemer?
How ?


Hi, Mirco,

If I understand correctly, you can set background colour using rbga values in the colour field. If your search form’s text field has a white background for instance you could use:
The last value 0.5 means 50% opacity – adjust as needed. Do the same for the button’s background. The button may have a hover state and pressed state in addition to passive so background colours would need to be applied to all.


I agree with Ablands advice.

Note: you can’t create RGBA values with Microthemer’s current color picker (only hex values which don’t support opacity), but you can type in or paste RGBA values into the input field like the one Abland recommended above. This tool might be useful for generating the desired RGBA value:

The next big release of Microthemer which is nearly finished now comes with a new color picker that makes generating RGBA values much easier. Please sign up to our edge mode newsletter if you’d like to try the new interface before it’s officially released:



Ciao Sebastian!
Great! works!
awaiting the update of Microthemer ..I am talking about ur plugin to all my students 😉
Grats for ur job!


Thanks Micro 🙂

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