Help! Help! PLEASE! [editing toolbars do not appear]

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Background: I purchased lifetime version of this plugin on MightyDeals (love MightyDeals), primarily so that I can change my fonts easily and make some aesthetic changes to my WordPress sites. My experience level: I’ve purchased plugins before, but frankly am more of an artist than a programmer. On the other hand, I have been able to noodle out some php and java and make basic changes, etc., so not a complete idiot. I write that because hopefully this is a mistake on my end so it’s easiest to fix, but I’d like you still to respect me a teeny bit.
Anyway, was able to seemingly successfully download plugin and then install plugin into my streamlined, simple version 4.0.1 WordPress (2010 Theme) art portfolio and test site (can be found at )(feel free to lavish compliments about my art, will give me more energy to see this issue through). When I look at my WordPress Dashboard, the good news is that my WordPress Dashboard shows the plugin. I was able to activate the plugin from my Dashboard when prompted, and seemingly that took me to the main plugin editing screen, BUT after that something seems wrong. Sometimes when I double click with the plus sign on something (like my website title) in hopes of editing the font of the title, instead of giving me an editing opportunity, the underlying web link activates and I go to another page on my website. Alternatively, sometimes when I doubleclick the plus sign to start actually using the plugin to change any of my uber basic fonts, on the luckiest tries I get the following screen:
What I see after I double click to edit when using plugin

I AM CONCERNED BECAUSE the “CSS Styling Groups Toolbar” and the “Selector Navigator Section” never appear, no matter what I do.

I can’t edit anything.

Nothing does what the video example on Themeover website shows. Nothing looks like the lovely pictures in your documentation.

In other words, I can’t actually get the plugin to do anything for me, probably because I’m missing half the toolbars. Pooey! (technical term!)


Greetings Nicole,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered some problems. From what you describe is sounds like the problem is likely at our end – but that’s not to say it can’t be easily fixed. Either way, my respect is unconditional.

I think you may have tried to include a screenshot in your post, but I think the text editor may have stripped it out. It’s very suspicious of content that isn’t text.

It’s possible that a javascript error is preventing Microthemer from displaying the selector wizard you’ve seen in the video. I’d be happy to take a look at your site for you if you don’t mind? You can send me login details for your site securely via this contact form:

The issue with the link being followed may relate to the general issue of the selector wizard not showing. When you double-click a link it should prevent the default behaviour of following the link to a new page. The speed at which you double-click plays a part though. It may be that we’ve set the time limit between clicks too low if our users are accidentally following links.



ps your fine artwork is surpassed only by your wit (stop right there is you’re considering interpreting that as sarcasm 🙂


Thank you! I sent you the info you asked for, so nice that you got back to me so quickly (and with compliments, that makes it twice as good!)


Email received. Thank you Nicole. I’ll update you here soon.



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