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Hello Sebastian,

I have big problems to use the new Microthemer version. Where can I touch data to edit them individually. Using iframe as an example. I have a VIMEO video. After embedding the iframe this creates unusually too much space up and down. I can’t solve it with WP Bakery Builder. With Microthemer I can’t do it either. Here is a screenshot: https://anja-zoerner.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Bildschirmfoto-2021-12-04-um-08.32.35.png – Here is the link to the test page: https://anja-zoerner.de/test-3/

Thanks for the help!
Kind regards



I just checked your site and I can see the video is full height now. Did you manage to solve this?

Microthemer can’t style a video player, because the player is part of an iframe – which is basically another website embedded inside your page.

If you have any general issues selecting other elements using version 7 however, please let me know.



Thanks! Yes that problem isn’t a problem anymore.

But question to the new system I have a lot. So thank you, i love to open a new ticket

With best regards

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