How can I convert my existing website to a responsive by Microthemer?

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Hello everybody, I want to create a mobile website to augment my existing website by using Microthemer. The overall site design/colors will remain unchanged. What would I need to do? Thank you.


In short, you should to switch to a fluid CSS layout and apply screen-width specific styles via the responsive tabs in Microthemer. But I highly recommend waiting another few weeks or month for me to finish my tutorial on designing responsively. It’s taking me a long time to complete because it’s quite long. But it kind of needs to be long to explain the process fully to novices. If you sign up to our newsletter you will get notified when it’s ready:



Any update on the course/tutorial Sebastian ?



I finished the first draft in January. As it took so long to write I decided it would be worth investing some extra effort in quality control. It’s now been proof read/completed from start to finish by a technical reviewer, and more importantly, a non-dev with zero HTML/CSS experience. This threw up some sticking points where readers could potentially get lost. I’m now combing through each point and updating the tutorial accordingly.

While I was waiting for my reviewers, I made a number of small but significant updates to the interface. I released version yesterday which incorporates all of these. Perhaps that update prompted your latest comment?

In case there was any doubt, the tutorial hasn’t been sidelined. I won’t give you an exact date, but it will definitely be ready before the end of March. You can quote me on that 😉



OK, I missed my deadline by four days, but here’s the responsive design tutorial:

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