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I am trying to select page number links at the bottom of a page, but the site just goes to that page and MicroThemer does not highlight or select the link. How do I select links for editing their styles without triggering this behavior?


Hi Jim,

Unless something is wrong, you should be able to target links by double-clicking them rapidly. Microthemer sets a timer of 700ms after the first click. If there is no second click in this time it assumes that the user does want to follow the link.

It’s often useful to follow links within Microthemer to navigate between pages. Although you can also manually change the page Microthemer loads from the preferences page (useful for when you want to style a page that isn’t navigable) – FYI.

If you still can’t double-click links, please send me login details via this secure contact form and I will see if something unusual is happening:



Hi there,
I actually encounter the same issue, even superfast d-click wont resolve. Maybe this is a theme/framework issue? i’ll use the secure contact form.


Thanks Gaetan. I’ve had a look at your site. This isn’t a problem I’ve come across before actually. Not only are links not targeted, but the selector wizard lands on the body element. I suspect that some JavaScript in your theme or another plugin is conflicting with Microthemer.

Would you mind sending me a backup of your site (including a backup of the database) so that I can do some diagnostic code alternations without affecting the live site?



Microthemer targeting has been dramatically improved. Read more here:

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