How to delete all settings in regards to a specific selector?

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I’m using MT for not such a long time, and while I’m going through the editing options of the various selectors, quite often I realize (after more than 50 edits) that some of my options caused issues on different media queries.
Is there a way to restore a selected selector to its default, or do I have to go through all the changes made in each option and put it back to the default?

Also does MT allow me to import a navigation menu CSS from another template into this one I’m using,or do I have to work with Child Theme’s css stylesheet in order to do this?
After going over and over the navigation menu’s options for diff media queries, maybe it’s better to just import one that suits my intentions better.

Thanks for your help and have a good day!



Hi Nuno,

Right now, there isn’t an option for clearing all styles for a selector in one go. We plan to add an icon for this very soon though. In the meantime, I recommend creating a new selector and then deleting the old one rather than going through each property one by one. You can create a new selector with the same targeting by doing the following:

  1. Click the name of the selector you’re currently editing in the top toolbar.
  2. This will reveal the fields for editing it’s name and the underlying CSS code it uses.
  3. Copy the value in the large textarea.
  4. Now click the name of the folder in the top toolbar (just to the left of the selector name you clicked)
  5. This will reveal the quick edit menu for the current folder
  6. Click the plus icon (+) to the right of the folder name – this only appears when you over over the folder name.
  7. Enter a name for the replacement selector e.g. ‘My new selector’
  8. Paste the code you copied into the large textarea
  9. Click the add selector button
  10. You can now delete the original selector using the delete icon that appears when you hover over the selector in the folder quick edit menu.

Regarding importing CSS, Microthemer doesn’t currently have an option for automatically importing CSS from a stylesheet, but we’re working on this feature! I’m sorry it isn’t available right now.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thx for the explanation. I do appreciate 😉

I have a couple more questions regarding MT:

– Is there any manual or info on recognizing CSS selectors? For someone who isn’t familiar with web design it’s a bit tricky to distinguish the differences between e.g. “header.div.clear” “header.div” “header.div.wrapper”, and most of the times we end up changing unwanted settings 🙂

– When we erase a selector, are we able to reinstate the original settings that were affected by it?

-How can we select elements (double-click to edit with MT) when these elements are itself links to navigation panel? for e.g. – I’m struggling to be able to edit the menu button because it directs me to the navigation panel.

-Is there any documentation available to understand the concepts of “block” “inline” “inline block” in the behaviour panel?

Thanks again, and thumbs up for this great plugin 😉


Hi Nuno,

  1. If you want to master CSS selectors, this selector tutorial for beginners seems to be pretty good: (better than many of the ones that came up top in Google)
  2. When you delete a selector, the existing styles should start applying again simply because Microthemer isn’t generating any styles that override them.
  3. If you double-click links quickly you should be able to target them without Microthemer following the link. We’ve currently set the allowed time between double-clicks to 0.7 seconds. But we may need to extend this if it’s too short for many people.
  4. This tutorial explains the display property: (and here’s a video I found:

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Once again, thx 🙂
Starting to be more familiar with the software – the new v.4 rocks! some changes are really imporatnt and help us use it more intuitively.
The site for W3schools has everything I needed to find in regards to CSS.

Much appreciated my friend, continue your good work and I hope you can take microthemer to an even bigger wider audience. great software 😉



Thanks Nuno!

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