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Hey there – Newbie here.

I’ve made a few CSS edits with Microthemer but need to edit them. I know that if I edit the stylesheet directly it will be over written.

Is there a way to edit the generated css within Microthemer in a way that won’t be overwritten and doesn’t require a second, overriding style for the selector whose style needs editing?




You can re-edit styles you applied in Microthemer via the Selectors menu in the top left of the interface. The General folder will contain any selectors you created previously, if you didn’t specifically organise them into a different folder.

Is that what you were looking for? Or am I on the wrong track?



Actually, how would I undo/delete styles I applied with Microthemer? Instead of editing them back to their original styles, which I may or may not remember. 🙂


You can just clear the values. With dropdown menus, you can select the first empty option to clear a field’s value, this can be quicker than selecting the text and using the delete button on your keyboard.

Once you’ve deleted a value in the Microthemer interface, the original style value set by your theme will apply again. Microthemer doesn’t delete the original styles, it overrides them.

Does that answer your question?


Yes that is helpful.

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