How to keep colour in HEX code for Colors in microthemer

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While using Microthemer, Default colour shows value in RGB but I mostly use it in Hex code.


How to make all the default value of color in HEX ?

Please help.

Thank you.



Unfortunately this isn’t currently supported. There is an option for reporting computed colors as hex in the UI, but not converted the actual output to hex in the code editor.

I will see if this can be supported and update you with my progress.



I think the reason MT always outputs colors as RGB/A is that Internet Explorer 11 doesn’t allow 8-digit hex values for the alpha channel. However, IE11 is not used much anymore so I could implement this now.

But my question is – do you still want MT to output color values as hex values when RGBA transparency applies? Or should MT use an RGBA value in such circumstances? The opacity value in a hex color isn’t as easy to read as the last number in an rgba color e.g. 0.7 or 50%.


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