I can't hide media queries tab from interface

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I imported a bunch of media queries from a style sheet. I’ve now gone into Microthemer media query settings and enabled the option to remove the tab from the interface. It’s not working. I save it but the settings aren’t being saved and the tabs are still there.



This is actually pretty important. There are so many media queries that they span 2 rows and I can’t see the Microthemer full interface any longer.




Sorry to hear about the bug with hiding the tabs. You can download an update of Microthemer I’ve just created which fixes that.

You can also rename the media queries to make them take up a bit less space. MT defaults to the actual media query code when importing media queries from a stylesheet.

Of course MT shouldn’t break when too many media queries are imported from a stylesheet. I was planning on adding a system a bit like the tabs along the bottom in Google sheets. Or like the HTML breadcrumbs in MTs advanced targeting mode, which are draggable. Your support request has prompted me to prioritise this!



The update fixed the problem of hiding the tabs. Thanks.



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