I'd like to remove weird margins but can't find how


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Loïc Gonsolin


I’dl like to remove the big black bands on the right and left of my site: https://lecoindesmushers.com/

Could someone help me? I can’t find how to do so…

Thank you very much!


Hey Loïc,

This can happen when content overflows its container element. I could see a black bar to the right, that appeared on smaller screen sizes. I wasn’t sure where the left black bar was. But I’ve created a video that explains how to fix this kind of problem: http://somup.com/crle6Y0ycR

In short, go to your Post 2 entry content selector in the General folder. Then go to the Dimensions property group and set the box-sizing property to border-box.

This may also solve your left black bar, but let me know if not.


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