Is it possible to 'search' Google Fonts?

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Hi – it’s great to have Google Fonts integrated, however, is it possible to do a search through these fonts rather than working our way through a numbered grid?

Cheers. Gavin.


Gavin – you’ve been bang on with all three of your recent suggestions. You’ve highlighted issues relating to working with the styling options. Right now, we’re working on improving the targeting process as this has been requested a lot and is overdue. But once we’ve done that, we will focus on the styling options and make many improvements there, including the ones you’ve suggested.

It really helps when customers tell us how we can make Microthemer work better for them. So thanks again for taking the time to leave feedback.



I just wanted my +1 to Gavin’s request to search Google Fonts within MT. Are we able to write in the Google Font? Thanks Sebastian.


I hear you @mermaremmc – and yes you can enter the font name directly into the Google fonts field.


Yay, that’s great news! Thanks Sebastian. 🙂


Same concern. And, yes, entering font name, then weight directly into Microthemer fields is much helpful.


OK, I’ll get this sorted within 1-2 weeks 🙂

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