Is there a way to reuse a selector across say multiple images

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This is really the first time I’m using Microthemer Pro since I purchased it last year. I’m using it to add box shadows to some generic image blocks on the Kadence Theme. Is there a way to reuse a Selector on multiple image blocks so I don’t have to go in and style the box shadow on each image block individually?

Thank you for your reply.

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Hey Jon,

Yes, the simplest way to achieve this would be to add a custom class to all of the image blocks e.g.


Once you’ve done that, target one of the images again, and Microthemer will pick up your custom class when suggesting selectors. You may need to click the ‘show advanced’ option in targeting mode to reveal the full set of targeting suggestions. And then search for your custom selector in one of the dropdown menus:


Also, clicking the option to sort by low specificity may bring the option up, without you having to search the long lists of selectors. It’s at the top right of the Targeting suggestions pane.

You can also add custom selectors to Microthemer directly (as an alternative to choosing selector suggestions).

Does the above seem doable?


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