Issues with Divi – Version: 3.0.45 By Elegant Themes [changes not remaining]

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I am able to target elements and make edits successfully within the Microthemer interface. However, these changes seem to not last once I try to view the site. Unfortunate tease!

Is there something that I am missing? Or, does Divi no longer allow edits to the CSS from Microthemer?

Please help.



Do you have a caching plugin enabled by any chance (e.g. WP super cache, or W3 total cache)? If you can see the edits in Microthemer, but not when you view your website as a site visitor, it’s normally because the Microthemer CSS hasn’t yet updated on the frontend. Caching plugins or sever-level caching can both cause this. The solution is to ‘purge’ the cache. But that process depends on where the caching is coming from (server vs plugin).

If you could let me know what you find I can advise you further. Or if you’d like to share login details for your site via this secure contact form, I will check things for you. It’s possible caching isn’t the issue in this case.

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“Divi adds extra HTML and CSS classes while active. This extra markup isn’t present on the final rendered content that loads for regular site visitors, and so Microthemer’s selectors that were valid while Divi was active are no longer valid.

The solution when styling a Divi site is simply to turn off Divi when working with Microthemer (using Divi’s Exit visual builder link in the top WP toolbar). That way, Microthemer will only target elements on the page using selectors that will remain valid.

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