Margin looks good except on Large Desktop

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I am a bit confused. The margin I placed on a block of text is looking great on the All Devices tab, the Desktop & Tablet tab, Tablet & Phone and the Phone tab.

However on the Large Desktop tab there is to much margin. If I reduce the margin there, it no longer looks good on the All Devices tab (and on the front end in my browser).

What am I missing here?

It’s the block right below the image that starts with the words (in blue): “Burn-out coach in Groningen”


Hey Martin,

I’m so sorry for the slow reply, I wasn’t getting most forum notifications since switching laptop, so am catching up on everything now. I recall that you contacted me via the contact form in the end, but here is my answer again.

If you send me site access I can double-check, but from reading your email it sounds like the large desktop tab is overriding your all devices setting, which it is supposed to do. Large desktop uses a min-width media query to target 1200 AND ABOVE – so that includes the full screen size you get when viewing the all devices tab.

Does that make sense? Or have I misunderstood your issue?

Also, if you find the mix of min and max width media queries confusing, you can try loading a different set via the edit media queries screen. Just make sure you don’t overwrite the existing ones if you have already applied styles via the responsive tabs (set overwrite to ‘no’)


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