Maybe problem with W3 Total Cache (I guess)

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Hello, I am new to Microthemer, I just bought today a developer license.

Now I installed it in my website and I unlocked the plugin.

But I have an issue… it doesn’t work, because when I do a double click on an item on screen nothing happens and, if it is a link, the link is opened.

What is going wrong, please?

I am using W3C total cache in my website. Maybe Microthemer is not compatible with it?

Thanks for help.

Best Regards,


Hi Francesco,

Microthemer should work fine with W3Total cache. You’ll need to use the ‘Clear All caches’ option in W3Total cache after you make edits in Microthemer, but you shouldn’t have any problems editing elements on the page. There could be a bug preventing Microthemer from functioning correctly. Would you mind sending me login details for your site via this secure contact form so that I can investigate the issue for you?

Many thanks,


Hello Sebastian, if I disable W3 Total Cache plugin, then Microthemer works and cit an select elements on screen by double clicks.

Otherwise, if a activate the W3 plugin, MT stops working and if I double click on elements on screen they are not selected by MT (it is ignored).


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