Mecrothemer doesn't allow me to edit anything!

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Hi! when i target an element it doesnt show me the target sugestion, on the advanced options (show advanced) there is nothing shown. when i create a selector i can’t edit anything, i can’t open the “geting started tips”, in general it doesn’t allow me to access the preferencies, basically i can’t do anything.
thanks in advance


Hey Emelina,

Sorry for the trouble, if you happen to be running a non-English version on Microthemer on a local XAMPP server, there is a know issue. To fix:

1. Temporarily set the language to English in WordPress.
2. Go to the Preference (which should work now) and on the Compatibility tab and set “Load a legacy version of jQuery” to “Yes” and save the preferences.
3. Set the language back to your current language.
4. Microthemer may be working now.

If that doesn’t help, it could be a plugin/theme conflict. In which case, would you mind sending access details for the affected site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshot? You can use the handy plugin to provide temporary access.


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