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I will add Microthemer to the site tomorrow, but am looking for advice as to what I should look for first.
I created henryfreedman dot com using an older template from Elegant Themes. There is some custom CSS there for other changes, like blocking post dates, and there is a newer version of the theme. I think I updated it in the past, but it may have made a mess of the layout. I’ll back it up and try it again….maybe.

In all versions of Internet Explorer the menu is there, but can’t be seen. I tried changing the colors via custom settings, but it didn’t result in any changes for any browsers. I’ll play with Microthemer, but has anyone seen this IE problem?



It’s because you’re using cufon fonts, which don’t appear to be supported by Internet Explorer. There is some CSS that hides the menu link text, expecting the cufon font to display instead. But as these aren’t supported by IE, nothing displays.

The following code in your style.css file hides the link text:

.js UL.nav A {

So maybe try a different system for fonts, like Google fonts, if you still care about supporting Internet Explorer.



Thanks for the advice. I’ll try making changes later. Henry has Gov’t and university clients who still use IE.


In the theme there was a cufon setting. I unchecked it and…. the site’s menu showed in Internet Explorer! Thanks for heading me that way. ART


Oh great, glad I could help 🙂

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