Micro Themer Lite Avada problem – whitespace in content box on mobile

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I’m testing your plug-in. I need to cancel those white parts of content boxes (which have a image’s zoom-in effect) , which appear with the mobile’s viewport.
Which selector have I to modify?
I’m using Avada Theme.
Thank you
screen —> https://ibb.co/g0auua

Content box on mobile image problem


Hi there,

I’d need to have a look at your site in order to advise you on this. Would you mind posting a link here or sending it to me privately?

Many thanks,


Thanks for sending the link.

The extra white spacing is caused by the top margin you set on your Hundred percent fullwidth span selector, via the Tablet and Phonetab.

The code for that selector is:

.hundred-percent-fullwidth span

What that means is ‘any span element inside a parent element with a class of hundred-percent-fullwidth‘. In this case, that may target more elements than you need. I recommend watching the ‘Targeting video’ which can be found in the Help menu at the top right of the Microthemer interface. It demonstrates how/why to choose alternative selectors when the need arises.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need further assistance.


I didn’t change.
I solved with

.fusion-column-inner-bg a span {top:-18px;}

thank you anyway 😉


Ah, OK. I’m glad you managed to solve this in the end though!


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