Microthemer 5.7 – feedback wanted!

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The latest version of Microthemer includes the following features:

  • Faster editing due to performance enhancements in many different areas.
  • Three new toolbar layouts:
    1. Dock everything left.
    2. Dock editor only left.
    3. Detach site preview, for working on dual screens (great news for page builder users).
  • Smoother workflow when using a combination of the styling options and the custom code editor.

Checkout the explainer video

Dual screen CSS editing

Please share your feedback here

I’m particularly interested to know which toolbar layout you prefer most? (e.g. current default top, GUI and editor left, just editor left, or with the preview displaying in a separate window)



I had a chance to play around with all the new docking options – as a person who uses 2 monitors, I have to say… I don’t like it… I LOVE IT !!!

That said, I have a feature request, that if implemented, it could be a game changer…

So by selecting a div, we can change the background color, we can even add a background image, along with all the options that can be configured for that background image. My feature request is to be able to add a Youtube and/or Vimeo videos as backgrounds as well, while able to control the height of the videos, similar to what WPBakery does by adding background videos to it’s rows. Most of the video embeds (shortcodes, embeds, Gutenberg video blocks, etc…) enforce the 15:9 ratio, but with WPBakery, it is possible to have a background video of 1920px x 300px as an example, without affecting the ratio of the video.

Microthemer is by far one of my best investments ever… so once again, thanks a million !


Hey Nick,

Thanks you! I really like the dual screen editing too 🙂

And thanks for your background video suggestion. Because its not yet possible to apply background videos purely with CSS, and because Microthemer leaves content editing to Gutenberg and page builders etc, this would need to be achieved by dynamically inserting HTML for the video using JavaScript.

This is certainly an option. One downside is that the video will only load once the JavaScript file has loaded. This takes longer than CSS which loads before the HTML (so you don’t get a flash in completely unstyled HMTL). But maybe it’s not terrible if the video starts after a little delay.

Regarding your point about aspect ratio, do you mean WP bakery crops the video at 1920px by 300px instead of squashing it? If the video was created at e.g. 1920 x 1280?



Hey Sebastian,

I have tried Microthember in the past but did not embrace it because I usually work in the code view and did not like it being in a tiny area at the top.

The new toolbar layout options mean I am going to use it on all my sites actively recommend it to others.

“Dock all options left” is what I have enabled.


Ah that’s great to hear, thanks Sridhar!


Hi Sebastian – I was quite excited by the dual screens option, but soon realised this doesn’t work with Oxygen Builder. Is this on the roadmap?

I’m still trying to find the best workflow – I like the many additional css options available in Microthemer, more than is available by default in the O2 builder.

Thanks. Gavin.


Hey Gavin,

When you say the dual screen system doesn’t work with Oxygen, do you mean that you can’t activate Oxygen inside Microthemer’s detached preview? Or that you can’t style any pages created with Oxygen, even if Oxygen isn’t active?

The latter should work. I will investigate a fix if not. The former isn’t currently supported, but it is on the roadmap. I’ve requested Oxygen send me a copy of their plugin so I can assess the feasibility.



Hi Sebastian – yes, the latter works fine 🙂 It’s activating O2 inside Microthemer’s detached view that I’d love to see. The ability to build, add style classes and then design in one place would be heaven.

Good to hear its on the roadmap. Thanks. Gavin.


Hi Sebastian – have you had any luck with getting a copy of Oxygen? I plugged the MT/O2 combo on the O2 Facebook group, which seemed to be a popular idea.

Cheers. Gavin.


Yes, Oxygen were very responsive and sent me a copy right away. However, I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet as my immediate focus is fixing SCSS support for certain NGINX server configurations.

My solution is to compile SCSS on the client side instead of the server. This will be ready next week, and if you use SCSS in your workflow, it will speed up your workflow immensely. This update jumped the ToDo list queue because it falls under the bug category, but it’s actually a pretty huge feature. Due to some performance optimisations Microthemer’s SCSS to CSS compilation and style rendering is faster than any desktop setup I’ve experienced. It’s instantaneous.



Good to hear, thanks. Looking forward to it.


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