Microthemer can't retrieve CSS [message that jQuery needs updated]

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Hi, I came across this when I inspected my homepage:-
“Update your jQuery! (1.9+)”,”update_jquery_long”:”Your WordPress install is running a version of jQuery older than 1.9. This means Microthemer can’t retrieve the existing computed CSS values elements on your web page. Please update to the latest version of WordPress (which should also update jQuery). If this doesn’t help please check your code for any functions that deregister the default version of jQuery. You can ask Themeover to help you with this. Thanks.”

I’m using WordPress 4.4 and this is my website https://modestree.com/

Could you help me please? What should I do and how?



Hi, ModesTree,

You could try disabling your plugins except Microthemer and see if it works properly. If it does that means a plugin is causing a conflict.

If you find a plugin is causing the issue, re-enable plugins one at a time until the problem returns. That will identify which one.


Thanks for pitching in Abland! And merry Christmas to you both.

ModesTree – most often a theme is replacing the default version of jQuery with the (up to date) version that WordPress loads by default.

I helped another customer with this problem here: https://themeover.com/forum/topic/update-jquery/

I’d be happy to do troubleshoot this for you if you can provide me with access to your site via this secure contact form: https://themeover.com/support/contact/.


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