microthemer + elementor = responsive tabs aren't working

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1. here’s a screencast that shows that it works fine without Elementor.

2. here’s what happens when elementor is activated:

I rely on microthemer to improve on elementor responsiveness, because I can’t add any new break points with elementor only

I can’t post a live link because it’s locally.
but all plugins are updated to latest versions:

elementor – 2.2.3
elementor pro – 2.1.9
microthemer –



I think this might have something to do with having a right-to-left language enabled. More specifically, because the Elementor toolbar is placed on the right in your video. I wasn’t considering RTL users when I added the deep integration with Elementor. Microthemer assumes the Elementor toolbar will be on the left, and makes various adjustments to its responsive behaviour based on this assumption. This will take me a little while to figure out. To help me replicate your issue exactly, could you let me know which language you have set WordPress to?


P.S. is there an option for setting Elementor’s toolbar to be on the right which I may have missed?


Thanks for the answer Sébastien!
It is a RTL language, Hebrew. There is no setting to switch the side of the elementor panel unfortunately.

I once asked the developers to keep my panel in English on the left (just like I keep my WordPress dashboard in English)

But they said that because elementor is on the frontend, it inherents the site language.. which I usually need to have in Hebrew



I’ve just released version which forces the Elementor sidebar to be on the left if it’s being used inside Microthemer. This was necessary to get the responsive integration working properly with Elementor, as well as overcome the bug you encountered. I will add proper RTL support for Microthemer in future, but for now this seemed like a manageable workaround that suits your preference for having the WP admin area as LTR 🙂

Please let me know if you notice any issues with this implementation.



Thanks Sebastian!
seems to be working, but I encountred many bugs which makes it unusable atm

1. Elementor’s preview toggle (cmd+p) is invisibile, hence only possible with the keyboard shortcut. (it’s invisible when the panel is visible, when it’s collapsed it’s visible but on the other end

2. not sure what I did, a click on MT meida query tab and a click on an Elementor mobile device should result in the same preview right?
the preview while both MT and elementor are active is broken and doesn’t match the preview that’s shown without MT. when the panel is collapsed the preview really breaks (mobile preview becomes very wide, and doesn’t match the top ruller.

ATM I think it’s more than i can report in a clear way, and it require’s a developers qa first.

No rush, Thank you for you development and support!


Thanks for reporting the issues you found. It sounds like there is more to be done to fully support RTL.

Sorry it took me a while to respond. I’m currently working on a new faster version on MT. This is a big update, which I’m hoping will be ready by the end of the month. The beta at least. But I will return to this issue afterwards.


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