Microthemer get errors with these WordPress hack snippets.

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Screenshot of the WordPress security tweaks that Microtheme doesn’t work well with.

Screenshot of the Warnings generated with these WordPress security tweak enabled.

I also posted this with the author of this plugin. But since these are not plugin specific tweaks and anyone can apply I thought to mention them to you.

Maybe you can make a work around in general?

I proposed a solution already to the author which I believe he will implement, but that would be for this plugin alone.



Oh, and I understand the need for the iframe of course, so kind of excluding that one.


Hey Noah,

The undefined index error (which will also be responsible for the header output error) was a Microthemer problem. The latest 3.4.1 build fixes this.

With regards to the options in the security plugin, Microthemer does require iframes to be permitted. Do the other settings in your screenshot cause any errors with the new 3.4.1 build? If so I will try to work with the author directly to resolve any outstanding issues.


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