Microthemer Not Fully Affecting Footer CSS

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I’ve taken a few hours styling my footer section (latest Elementor/Astra), but when I view the site in my browsers, not all of the styling has taken effect.

It seems to be only the footer that is wonky…it is an Astra “custom layout” that then auto-appears on all pages as the footer.

The direct Elementor CSS edits are working fine on specific pages. Can I not style custom layouts with Microthemer?

Link to a JPEG that shows the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6fgfnx6fl4c8ow/microthemer-issue.jpg?dl=0



You should be able to style anything with Microthemer. Would you mind sending me a link to the page, via our contact form is you prefer to keep it private.

If things look different outside of MT, it can sometimes be due to caching that needs clearing. Or because the HTML is a bit different for non-logged in users. But I would need to inspect the page to determine this.



There is a decent chance that what I really require is a “Hey! You’re being an idiot right here!” pop-up window while I’m working, LOL.

I can’t get back to it this second, but I realized within an hour of posting to you that I’m pretty sure it’s a self-inflicted coding wound on my part. Will get back to you if need be, but I’m pretty sure I know what is wrong…and it’s me. 🙂


Ha! No problem. Feel free to drop back in if you’re still stuck 🙂


Hi Keith,

I think you missed my email on Monday. And I just want to check you got my email reply yesterday as I haven’t heard back from you. No rush if you’re busy. I just want to make sure you don’t feel you’re being ignored.

All the best,


Hi Sebastian,

No, I haven’t seen any emails from you this week (although I did see this one come from the forum)! I just checked my SiteGround quarantine and nothing there, either. Strange, since we have been corresponding without issue before this week.

I have whitelisted your “sales” email address just now, in case that helps, although as I said there’s been no issues before this week.

Please try again with your reply, as I’m really stuck on this issue and it’s all that’s preventing the site launch. Perhaps try with a new email rather than from the thread?

Greatly appreciate your patience and apologies for the extra time of log-in/replay hassles 🙂



OK, I’ve just sent you a test email from my support@ address. We can pick things up there hopefully 🙂

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