Microthemer not working (can not target)

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Im using WordPress (lastest) Elementor Pro with Jupiter X theme. When Im using Microthemer I can not target anything.

For example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6CQNt_oQrw&t=47s (2.05 mins in) I can see you can target different sections and the options show at the top.

I cant target anything. When I move the mouse over the sections all I get is the default Elementor high lighting. Microthemer does not target and nothing comes up in the Label box etc. I dont see all devices, any options.


I have it down to one of the plugins from Jupiter X.

Raven by Artbees

It’s part of the theme. I don’t think I need it but if you would like to look into it let me know. Its quite a big part of their theme and is needed more if you don’t have the pro version of Elementor.


I can now target but once I target I don’t get any styling options. All I get is the CSS editor.



I’ve actually already reported the conflict to Artbees when another customer had an issue with Raven. They also didn’t need it. But I will chase Artbees now.

Regarding the style options, it sounds like you might have accidentally entered the full code view using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + C. You can go back to the regular view using that keyboard shortcut again, or via View > Full code editor > (toggle off).

Please let me know if that works.



Perfect, I must have done that. It now works 🙂



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