Microthemer Preview won't load [on one specific site]

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The first site I installed it on to test (trial version), the preview won’t load, so I can’t really do anything. Just to see if it was a fluke, I installed on a second site and it works perfectly. I’m not sure what the difference is, as I use the same theme and plugins (for the most part) on both sites. Any ideas what could cause that? I just want to make sure I know what’s going on before I spend $90. Thanks.


Hi Dnay,

I expect a JavaScript error is causing issues on one of your sites. When a JavaScript error is present on a website Microthemer can sometimes have trouble loading the frontend preview or saving settings. It’s normally easily fixable. I can troubleshoot this for you if you send me login details via this secure contact form: https://themeover.com/support/contact/

Or if you wait a day or two I will release an updated version of Microthemer that scans for errors when it gets stuck on an action for too long and provides useful info on the source of the problem.



Thanks for the response. Since it has been a day or two, I’ll just sit tight for that update. I build or tweak 3-4 sites/week, so I’d rather not have to mess with troubleshooting every time. If the update makes it simple enough, that’s great. If not, I’ll keep customizing CSS by hand as I’ve been doing for a long time. I won’t touch CSS Hero with a ten foot pole… too many problems and too insulated from real CSS to be useful to a designer, which is why I’m excited to try your tool.



I’ve just released version 4.6.5 which attempts to self-diagnose issues if an action takes more than 20 seconds. It may flag a plugin/theme conflict. If you need any assistance getting to the root cause feel free to ask for help.

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