Microthemer Problem returns incoherent page display

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I have a problem with Microthemer…. it is regulary installed but when i launch the plugin the system return this…
(��yD�M�j ���{�p ������9�6�E�Xluv���^����[����sa�c����x�#t��’^���������>��� 2�}�}K�����G��Cu��;�g�.X�ȖX&�������tf?������.�zU�Hc� P�o޼A���KzR’�7P0�Jr��Ƀ}��r����2��Vצ]�é/ӽ@7 ����Z&9��T������*� ���@ݕy�0ԟ����Ձ�>4��]��Rx�L��}��|�emtyi�)�e���dz1J�v ��AWZ]4Y��{o�B ��4 @)iø�j�j����S�j �@JD� �ow;�;�VAO�p�E2\c��)��A{���k�j@�o��/hA�������6�׸҂r�5�e��l~,�׍������Ν�ل��e�ʤ`}���1�s����>x��Nk��@P�����%��U~�w�9z�w����ỽ�n �ʝI4���t�0�E���s�

Any idea ?? Thanks a lot


Wow, I’ve never seen that before. But my best guess is a content encoding issue caused by double-gzipping.

  1. Please go to the stand alone Microthemer Preferences page via the WP left menu.
  2. Set the Gzip the Microthemer UI page for faster loading to No
  3. Go to the main Microthemer interface to see if that solved the issue
  4. If the problem persists, perhaps you could send me access details for the site via our secure contact form


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