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As soon as I downloaded microthemer and started customizing, my website load times increased exponentially. It seemed to run fine before. Is there a way I can consolodate the files into a single stylesheet?

This is the website: http://new.christopherbessette.com/home (technically the main homepage is a video, but you get redirected to that page after it plays through).



This is something I take very seriously. MT shouldn’t slow your site down at all. The only reason I can think it could is if MT is behaving strangely. Or, if you have the Styles tab open when targeting elements in Microthemer (you need to expand the advanced options to enable that). If the page loads more CSS than this feature can reasonably handle, it can slow the browser down as you work in MT. MT warns you about this with a yellow or red notification.

Does the site load slowly even when you’re not editing in MT? Such as for non-logged in site visitors? If so, please could you disable or uninstall MT to see if that improves the speed. If it doesn’t, the cause could be something else.

If you’re happy for me to check everything is working as it should be, please feel free to send site access details via our secure contact form.

Many thanks,

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