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Microthemer version 4 is now available. You can read about the changes here. Please provide any feedback you wish to share on this thread. Your previous suggestions dicated many of the changes in version 4.



Bravo with 4 nice.

Previous version, I was having some issues (mentioned before and solved – but came back again) where changes were not reflected in Firefox (beta 2) – now fixed in 4.


By the rules, far left is a box which shows various phone sizing. This is the 1st time I am seeing this – so forgive me if this feature was always there.

Can I have a landscape view as well?



Yes there is a bug in Firefox that I thought Firefox had fixed and so I removed my workaround in the beta. But then I released that it hadn’t actually been fixed so put the workaround back in version 4.

The common device size previews feature wasn’t even there in the 3.9.2 beta. I sneaked it in at the last minute when supporting em units in media queries took me less time than I expected. Perhaps that’s why I forgot to add landscape views! I can certainly do that 🙂

Thanks for your feedback,


Congrats on a big release. I spent a little time with it yesterday. Very nice!

Took me a minute to figure out that cross hairs had been dropped.

BIG thumbs up for the hide/show via icon in upper-left corner. Sometimes I need to visually re-orient myself to a page without all the scaffolding – this makes it much easier.

Also, the general UX workflow is much better. Having the selector name and folder aligned right is so much better.


The design with multiple screen size tabs is very nice and improves productivity. However, there seem to be bugs. My page layouts look different in Microthemer editor (in Firefox, Chrome, Safari), compared with the layouts in web browers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). My WordPress menu in Header partially overlaps with first row content in Body when I used MicroThemer 4.0. This new problem brothers layout positioning of my web pages. Old version of MicroThemer does not have such problem. I wonder what really cause it and need your help to fix it. Thanks.



Very very good release!

And I like the strategy applied in separating the design from functionality and thinking of us in that process.

I played around a little bit with it and (in that short time) everything seems fine 😉

Sorry, I’ve just been so busy with work and school I haven’t had much time and never got back to the other responses now buried deep with in the forum abyss.


Thanks for your feedback Noah, and no worries about the past responses 🙂

Huang – please could you send me login details for your site via this secure contact form and I will investigate a fix for your issue: https://themeover.com/support/contact/



Thank you, Sebastian.

With your great supports in the last few days, Microthemer 4.0.8 indeed fixes my issue. I wish you all the best and you get more time to sleep. 2 hours a day was too few for an entrepreneur.



You’re very welcome Huang, thanks for your kind words. 2 hours sleep was certainly an exception to the rule. I’m much more of a 9-10 hour sleeper.



So far, so good. I’m a kid in a candy store! That fix for the admin bar worked nice for an issue I was having calling the page builder in the Microthemer interface. I had to add top padding on the site when the page builder was opened in Microthemer, but not when it was opened on its own.

Related to that is the missing tvr-crosshair class now that used to be inserted. I was using that for some custom style rules within the interface. Since I don’t use the admin bar I’ve piggy-backed on the no-admin-bar-please class that’s inserted in the html tag to include my own. The page builder is one example where I need to apply specific styles in my theme but only when opened in Microthemer. Your fix for the top padding worked well, but I also slide the page builder logo over so it’s not buried under the Microthemer one and that’s where the custom class again is useful.

Is it possible to have the ability to insert our own custom class through preferences for when in the UI? There might not be very many that use it but down the road when you start accommodating more page builders it might be handy.


Hi there, Sebastian

I don’t know whether this topic is up with the most current version of MT but I didn’t know where to post it. It is obvious for me how good Your product is (already verified) – but I have just one small suggestion/future version request:
is it possible to add some “custom css field” inside each media-query tab, alongside with the rest of the buttons?

What I’m all about is to have a possibility to manually write some media-query styling for selected element without changing mode to Code Editor View and doing the whole stuff up there step-by-step. Something like minified version of Code Editor View inside each certain media query tab that will place the css written there in proper media-query location in finally generated css file.

I hope it is quite easy to understand… otherwise I will make a picture explaining my idea 😉



Hey Michal,

I think I understand you. If you’re suggesting something like this, it’s already on the todo list:

Code editor in UI

I’d like it to have syntax highlighting like the current custom code editor. I’m currently researching the most efficient option. I will roll this feature our fairly soon though as it’s a relatively small job, but would be extremely useful.

Is this what you were suggesting?



You read my mind, Sebastian – that’s exactly what I was writing about 🙂
Great to know it is already on todo list.

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