Microthemer writing color values in RGB/A

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Alok Sharma


I have set “Report color in hex values instead of RGB/A” to “Yes” but when I view the generated CSS, the color values are written in RGB/A.

My apologies, but I am not a CSS Pro but was concerned if this is the correct behaviour.




Thanks for raising this. It is the correct behaviour. That setting refers to the reported CSS values Microthemer shows when you hover over a color property icon (e.g. font color). The color value that currently applies to an element will be shown as a hex value e.g. #000 rather than rgb(0, 0, 0). This is useful if you recognise colors in hex format. However, the CSS values in the stylesheet will always be in the RGB/A format. There might be technical reason for that. I’m having a hard time trying to recall if I’m completely honest!

I hope my explanation makes sense. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Alok Sharma

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your reply and clearing all the doubts.




You’re welcome. I always appreciate it when users take an interest in the fine details, and take the time to report potential issues 🙂

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