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Trying to get a fix on how to select the mobile menu bar – double clicking it does not seem to work …

I am going to try and manually edit the selector via firebug.


Hi, shamrockoz,

If you select one of the responsive media query tabs, the screen resizes to that device and should trigger your mobile nav for editing.

And if you meant selecting the nav when you already have it visible try double clicking a menu item – in my case I open the mobile nav by clicking once on the hamburger icon, then double click a menu item to get targeted.

Lol – I keep editing – if I click the hamburger once the menu opens but I can also double click it when it is open or closed and it still selects the nav container and shows responsive classes – I’m using the genesis theme.


Hey, could you post a link to your site please? I’m interested to see why double-clicking it didn’t work for you.




No need to take a look – I was receiving some odd behaviour with Chrome whereby I would double-click on the nav menu and I was then forced to choose an option. Once I did that I could see the selection options available to me (as per Abland’s post).

I was still puzzled by this ‘forced click behaviour’ and went back to take a look at FF – which still did not show me the correct image sizing.

So I took a deeper look at completely uninstalling FF and found this link …

After I did this, restarted system (not required but I did so anyway) – and re-installing – the image sizing miraculously worked. As well as the behaviour of double clicking the nav menu in mobile mode. By this I mean, clicking once expanded the menu, double clicking then closed and showed me the selectors.

As I learn about this plugin, I remember something I asked you about the display of the viewport (see I am learning!) – in that it did not correctly display compared to my iPhone6+. This is corrected when I choose the phone viewport and slide back to about 380px compared to default 470px.

So – I am completely satisfied and am on my way!

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