Moving selectors between folders (sections)

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Ben Oso

Hi. Great plugin by the way.
I can drag selectors between folders – that works ok. In addition, I’d like to be able to move a selector by clicking on it and selecting a target folder from a dropdown list. Currently, this can’t be done. Also, any way to organise selectors alphabetically within a folder? In some situations, it makes sense to do this.


Hey Ben,

I’m terribly sorry for the slow reply. I’ve just noticed that forum notifications haven’t been coming through to me.

There is currently a way to change the selector by choosing the folder from a dropdown menu. Click the “Re-target selector” option in the top toolbar. Then change the folder use the folder menu on the left.

Regarding alphabetical sorting, that seems like a fairly edge case. Can you explain your use case further please?


And thanks for your kind words!

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