MT JS error: upd is not defined

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Getting this error with the newest release of MT trying to add and rename folders:

ReferenceError: upd is not defined (line 1)

Microthemer discovered a JavaScript error on your site:

Error: ReferenceError: upd is not defined
URL: /wp-content/plugins/microthemer/js-min/microthemer.js?v= (line 1)
Source: Microthemer interface

As a result, only one “untitled folder” is created, which cannot be renamed.



Thanks so much for reporting this. And apologies for the inconvenience. The issue is fixed in version, which I’ve just released. I had accidently left a random string ‘upd’ in the folder renaming function, most likely when trying to search my text editor instead.



The updated fixed the issue, thanks!


You’re welcome. Thanks for confirming!

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