Multi Page Form [cannot check text box for next page RESOLVED]

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Hi there,

Just trying out microthemer and I’ve tun into a problem. I’ve got a custom multi page javascript form I want to style.

Page 1 is just some text, a checkbox and a next button. The checkbox needs to be ticked to progress to the next page.

They’re not actually separate pages, just javascript shows and hides them.

The issue is I can’t actually tick the box when using microthemer.

Any clever solutions?


Hi, TallblokeUK,

If using Chrome you can just right click and Inspect the check box, then in the html for the input add: checked=”checked”

Any other browser should have the same inspect function.

Select checkbox in Microthemer

It should work but let me know how it goes 🙂


@Abland thanks so much for sharing your great workaround!

actually, Microthemer is only meant to prevent checkbox selection in targeting mode (when trying to select a checkbox for styling it). So this was a bug which I’ve just released a fix for in version You should be able to update via your WP dashboard now.

Please let me know if you need help with anything else.


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