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Hi, we use WP Multisite with subdomains and are activating plugin on a per site basis (not network activating).

The ‘Microthemer’ links from within each site’s admin area (backend) menu work fine and load the fronted of the site with Microthemer =)

However, regardless of whether the frontend admin bar link is a subitem of primary menu or is a toplevel item, the link points to the same URI from frontend of all tested network sites, including network primary.

The ‘bad’ URI in question is:

Instead of (for example):

Please advise, we can provide replication screenshots/screencast or creds if needed…

Kind Regards, Max

We do use Domain Mapping + Multi-Domains (from WPMUDEV) – we haven’t tested yet with Microthemer… will update as we proceed if needed =)


…supdate: we have tested with a Doamin Mapping and Multi-Domains w/ mixed results…

Basically, the test with a mapped domain (for example, failed: though mapped domain (from permalinks?) is shown at that subsite’s Microthemer > Preferences as the ‘Frontend preview URL’ the link from backend uses the original network address (for example, rather than the mapped address… (from the frontend, the ‘Microthemer’ link points to same bad URI as above)

With a network subsite using a subdomain of a Multi-Domain (for example,, Microthemer works as it does for network primary (eg. very well except for issue with links from frontend admin bar as described above)

I’m assuming that if we map a domain to a subdomain of a Multi-Domain (eg. –> then it will behave as above for a mapped domain of primary network domain – meaning it will likely use the ‘original’ address (in this example, rather than mapped address (in this example,

Hope this has been helpful! You have a really great plugin here! Even in testing its been delightful =)

Cheers, Max


Hi, Max,

I agree – great plugin! I’m not sure about your first post as I disable my admin bar for most purposes.

However, I found the same thing you discovered when mapping a domain. I used to use subdomains, then later switched to subdirectories, but all the same principle. I use WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin.

I know you follow this easy but I’ll step by step for anyone reading who isn’t as certain.

1. In network admin Sites > All Sites
2. Hover over a sub-site and select Edit from the inline menu.
3. Under the four tabs select Settings.
4. Siteurl will be by default
(or for subdirectories)

5. If the mapped domain is change the Siteurl to … and save

I looked in the mapping plugin for a constant that might be used to detect if a domain is mapped and change accordingly but haven’t pursued it too far yet. Microthemer is taking the site url which is by default off the primary domain because the mapping plugin doesn’t change that setting.


@Abland yah, yet also:
“mapped domain (from permalinks?) is shown at that subsite’s Microthemer > Preferences as the ‘Frontend preview URL’ ”

Since we know that with the plugin approach to domain mapping SITEURL and HOME are not altered from network originals where is this ‘Frontend preview URL’ value shown as Microthemer > Preferences being drawn from? I assumed permalinks… didn’t even look at code, too busy =)

One can do ‘pluginless’ domain mapping as you allude to above, yet that is just a totally different scenario, not even close to a substitute for domain mapping, its just different… however, with Multi-Domains from WPMUDEV where in the apex domain is changed and SITEURL and HOME actually show the ‘multi-domain’ Microthemer works fine… based on this, I’d also guess that it would work fine in a Multi-Network (such as w/ WP Multi-Network plugin)

Ok, thats enough forum for me! Got tasks to do and such =)

Kind Regards, Max


Hi Max,

Thanks for providing such a detailed account of your tests. I’d like Microthemer to work with all configurations of WordPress mulit-site, including domain mapping. I’ll need to do some research into this. But I’ve set up both directory-based and sub-domain based multi-site installs on my wamp server so I’ll run some tests of my own on this.

I’ll write back here with an update.


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