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My navigation menu was working fine after getting themeovered up until I added 2 new Category to nav menu. The new category did not catch the new themeover design for some reason.

So after spending some time playing around with the selector, I’ve messed up the original 2 “category with children”‘s design that I’ve set yesterday. I now can’t get to selector to select all menu items with children – to give it 1 design. Then create a different selector for the other 2 category one design.

It seems to want each menu item to be a separate selection. Sometimes when I click one section of the nav menu, it would be connected with the static top menu. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve seen your demo and tutorial videos and it seems like themover allows you to set a style and design to a whole menu.



Hi, Noosiekins,

Sounds like you’ve targeted specific id’s or classes, like #menu-item-635 or .menu-item-635 An id (uses the hashtag) is specific to one item and the class (a dot) with a number tagged at the end is usually specific to a single item too.

You would want to get more general class selectors, like .menu-primary

Yours may differ because of your theme – I pulled these as examples from a genesis theme. If you have a link I could be more specific.


Hi, I’m building it under right now. Do have a look.

I got the ones with “children” to work again after deleting the selections and re-adding it. Just having trouble doing the ones without ‘children” like you say, it does give a number at the end of the Id/class.



Thanks for the link. I see your menu rules use the following elements: a
That identifies a specific class of list elements, so to be more general the list elements class needs removed. But to make sure it’s still just the menu, the ul wrapper for the lists has a class and an id so either could be used:
ul#menu-categories li a
or li a
This makes it specific to the menu but general to the link items.

Nice site 🙂 I like your use of the colours – makes it easy on the eyes.


@Abland – hero. I couldn’t have answered it better myself.

, I’m here if you need additional help with this.


You guys’ support are amazing! thank you thank you thank you. I used “ul#menu-categories li a” and it worked.



Thanks again for supplying the answer Abland.

(Abland doesn’t work for Themeover, he’s just a lovely man)

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