Next Best Thing for Microthemer? Microthemer Logic?

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I have a plugin that applies styles, scripts, and php conditionally throughout WordPress.

So naturally, most css I would use from Microthemer or that I manually code I use in this plugin instead, because I can load that style sheet based on various conditions being met.

The updates in Microthemer are just phenomenal!

But this got me thinking that maybe the next best thing for Microthemer would be loading styles based on conditions as well to optimize the use of css loading.

I know that sounds a lot simpler, given the Microthemer Interface than it would be to implement.

But I would like to share the idea and see what you think!
– Don’t shoot my ego down 🙂

Here are some screenshots from my plugin about this to give a visual of what I mean.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

This might not be the next best thing for Microthemer, but definitely a very powerful, unique feature. I’m not aware of the next big to-do’s for Microthemer and I wanted a catchy headline. 🙂



Oh, if I knew how to code, I would just work on this myself! But… I don’t 🙁 That’s one reason I purchased Microthemer 🙂


Hey Noah,

Thanks for the suggestion. You ego should feel safe. It’s a perfectly valid suggestion. And I can see how it would be useful to you, as you favour separate stylesheets. I think other feature enhancements might be more beneficial to more of our customers right now. And so I’m adding it to the list but not making any promises on when it will be done.

But here is my initial thoughts on implementation – A new popup screen would be added for managing and labelling page-specific conditions (a bit like the media query management popup). A condition could be optionally applied to MT folders in the UI. When a condition is applied, the styles for that folder are not written to the main active-styles.css stylesheet. They are written to a separate stylesheet which gets included on specific pages that meet the condition.




Sounds great!

Where are the list of new things being worked on?
– I believe there was a link before but I couldn’t find it in searching before posting.

And thanks for listening and adding this feature to the list.
– And considering my ego, lol.

What you described sounds ideal.
– While there are other plugins attempting to do the same as Microthemer, none come close.
– I think this feature would definitely keep Microthemer ahead of any competition too.
– It would make it that much more unique.


Hey Noah,

The current list we’re working on is at the bottom of this post:

‘Better selector targeting features’ being the big one.



Thanks! Appreciate it.

Sorry, I remember this list. I just dumbly assumed (having not been around in awhile) that when seeing the new update that this list was finished. There was so many awesome changes in the latest update, it’s like new. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the link again! Appreciate it.


No problem Noah! I’ve been resisting the (mighty strong) urge to do the new selector wizard until I’ve finished the responsive/CSS tutorial, as I think it will help many of our customers do way more with Microthemer. I much prefer programming and it’s been slow progress but the end is in sight now 🙂


Haha, ok. I gotcha.

Thanks for the update.

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