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Hi, will like to know how to organise selector.
Example i have created a folder A and folder B
Then i start adding selectors in folder A and realise it’s better in folder B
Is there a way to move selector from one folder to the other?

Another question that iam not sure is possible.
As selector increases. there will be unused selector.. Is there a method to visually which selector is not used so i can remove it manually?



1. Yes, you can drag and drop selectors both within and between folders. If you hover over a selector in the main menu you will see 3 lines to the left of the selector label. Click those lines and drag to move the selector:

Ordering selectors

Tip: if the folder isn’t open, dragging over the folder icon will open it.

2. Microthemer places a blue dot next to any selector that has styles. In the image above, the Masthead selector has styles, the Site title link selector doesn’t. This is helpful for removing redundant selectors that have no styles.

However, if you want to find selectors that do not apply to any element on your entire site, you would need to use a scanning tool like this (not tested):

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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