Out of memory in the activation of the plugin

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I have installed the plugin and it gives me an error of memory in the installation of the plugin.

“Sorry, Microthemer requires a memory limit of 16MB or higher to run. Your memory limit is less than this. Deactivate Microthemer to remove this message.”

The funny thing is that the limit of memory I have setting in PHP is 1 GB. In WordPress the limit is 96 Mb.
The PHP version is 5.4.

What can be the reason for the failure?



Hi, mikel_olivetti,

What kind of hosting do you have? Many hosts cap the memory_limit at 256M and will ignore settings that are above.

If you add a blank file into your site root – call it test.php (or any other name) – and add in that file:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Go to that file in your Internet browser and see if memory_limit is actually 1024M

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