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Is there any reason why you never can get the full list of all pages and templates in the microthemer page navigator. It´s always a long list but it never has all items in it. Only the most recent once. And even if I type in the correct name it is not showing up, so I need to actually open the template I want as a preview to then open microthemer on top of it to actually load the “missing” template.

Or am I doing something wrong?




Hey Sascha,

Microthemer only shows the 8 most recent items for each type of page – just so the list doesn’t get too long on sites with tons of posts/pages. The search function should find everything though. Does search not work for regular posts and pages too? Or just custom templates?

If you can email me an access link to the site and give me an example of a template that isn’t showing up when you search, I would be happy to work on a fix for you.



Thanks for providing access Sascha. Version fixes this. Under some circumstances, Microthemer was displaying a cached set of pages instead of pulling in fresh search data. This was more likely to happen on sites with lots of posts and pages.

With the new system, you can still instantly filter the results by typing more characters, but Microthemer will continue to search the site and load more results when the search is complete. The “Go” button has a spinner to show MT is still searching.


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